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Fringe - The Zodiac paradox (book 1) - Christa Faust

sadly this is NOT the one with beautiful Anna Torv on the cover. that one's in the mail. and anyway, this is #1 in the Fringe tie-in series, so I should probably calm down and read them in order. meanwhile, I'm thinking of only reading women authors until the end of November, in honor of a woman having a shot at the US Presidency, the first time this has happened since after our timeline split off from the one where women rule the universe and turned into whatever you call this...dimension. this is US Election Night--as I type this--but it's too early for a winner. nevertheless, I've got enough SF & Fantasy titles by the ladies lying on my shelves to make this work, and every second book as an "Anything" choice, just by women, would also be no problem. heck, I've got one Feminist SF novel I'm just itching to get to, but once I realized these Fringe novels (the one with the gorgeous cover art is in the mail) are not exempt, I thought I'd get going with that. I'm also toying with the notion of leaving Fantasy books out of my original plan to do every second book as SF or Fantasy...and just zero in on SF. (the cheat: just read a Fantasy novel as an "Anything" pick, although I'm not usually that keen on doing an SF novel followed by a Fantasy novel, or vice versa--often too similar, or at least the risk is there). so, I dunno. this is what could be happening in a Revised version of November. and graphic novels, which I'm enjoying getting back to with a bit more regularity, are separate from all these "rules".