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Half-Blood Blues - Esi Edugyan

alright, so I thought I'd go a bit farther before taking a break from reading for a while...because, despite my little rant about the love-triangle aspect of the novel, it is really a hard book to put down. I just did one of the sections that takes place in 1992, not 1939-1940, so no instances of either Sid or Hiero fawning over Delilah (yes, her name is Delilah); instead, Sid and Chip are traveling in Poland to meet longlost "Thomas". the atmosphere has been tense between them, because Chip recently wronged Sid--publicly, I might add (if I was Sid, I wouldn't even forgive Chip, to say nothing of doing Poland with him. but okay)--and Sid is extra nervous, because "Thomas" may not exactly be happy to see Sid anyway. if they get there. this is all making the 1992 Parts of the novel as gripping as the more life-threatening dangers the same characters--Black jazz artists, plus one Jewish pianist, and some other fellas who aren't well-loved by your average Nazi--face when the book shifts back to Paris or Berlin during World War 2. quite a powerful novel.