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The Shore of Women - Pamela Sargent

pretty darn impressive so far; if this keeps going along in the manner it started, I might end up ranking it as high as The Handmaid's Tale, or Woman On The Edge Of Time, when it comes to amazing Feminist SF. I read Ammonite, and A Door Into Ocean both fairly recently--and both culled from the same "101 Best SF Novels: 1985-2010" reading guide--but, as interesting as they both were, I think this one is gonna top them. and in one sense, it's wrong to suggest these books are all just part of a big clump; they're very different in the details, and in the futures they usually propose--but, yah, Feminist SF lists would probably mention all these books. another good one--quite old now--is The Female Man--but it sort of marches to its own drum, in terms of style and structure...and anger level. Walk To The End Of The World by Suzy McKee Charnas is also pretty hard-hitting, but not one of my big favorites.


anyway, I've got lots to think about as I read this--and then there's just the sheer pleasure of encountering a well-realized version of one future one writer has decided to present, based one her take on where we are now. this is wonderful SF.