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Brush Back (A V.I. Warshawski Novel) - Sara Paretsky

this is very cool so far. but then I have a particular fondness for whodunits where the murder or murders date back 20 years or so--what they call "cold cases". skeletons dug up that were buried decades before, someone in prison claiming to be framed and then suddenly a new murder occurs that resembles the old one, so how could the person already in jail be the killer...all that stuff. in real life, this kind of stuff probably almost never gets made right; but this is a novel, so let's hope Warshawski gets it sorted. she's trying to clear a woman who has actually come out of prison after serving a long sentence, so it's a bit late in the game for justice, if the woman actually didn't do the killing, an extra cool angle is that Warshawski's family has some history with this woman...and this woman is horrible in her behavior, and not just because of what prison did to her; she's an awful person, and she's mistreating Warshawski even as Warshawski digs around for any hint that the harpy was framed. this is quite the interesting scenario.