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Empire of Dust: A Psi-Tech Novel - Jacey Bedford

I recently re-watched 3 SF films--Outland; Total Recall (Arnold version); The Matrix--and watched Snowpiercer for the first time. this novel is competing with all of them quite nicely, and there's even a bit of Total Recall in Empire of Dust; people's memories screwed with so they don't know what knowledge they possess. dangerous knowledge, the kind that gets you killed if you start to remember it, or it even seems like you're starting to remember it. and that's just part of this very exciting, involving "space opera". the telepathy/Psi angle is a joy for me; one of the few old role-playing games I kept for nostalgia's sake, while tossing other stuff in the recycle bin, is something from the 1980s, called Psi World (aka Psiworld). so, as that hints, I'm loving this SF universe wherein many characters--of course including the main character, Cara--have various mental powers, at various strength levels. the story so far just makes me want to keep reading...and now I'm pondering acquiring the sequel, Crossways. I can't believe how many terrific books I've come across this year!