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The Swimmer - Joakim Zander

okay, ladies, don't be mad, and follow my logic; I'm shirking on my "one Nonfiction book a month' rule, by reading this, more than I'm reneging on my plan to only read women writers until the end of the month. I really want to read this--and I am dying for a Spy novel--sooo, as my nonfiction choice was never, to my mind, locked in as a woman author, I'm gonna put this in as a substitute for nonfiction...and the book it's replacing was likely going to be by a man. and it's about the same length, so I will be getting to another book by a woman about when I would've been anyway. does any of that make sense? peeved, disappointed? I hope not. this is certainly not being caused by any kind of sourness over the choice of women authors I've made so far this month; things have gone great! no, I just left my Spy novel fixation go a little too long without satiation--so before I get to The Surgeon, or maybe Beloved Poison--both by ladies--I'm gonna substitute The Swimmer for my nonfiction dalliance of the month (apologies to all my nonfiction books). so I'm being a turncoat, just not in the ay it looks. ahem. feeling guilty...hope the book is good, takes my mind off this...