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The Night Mayor - Kim Newman

oh my gosh are you serious?! this website is actually back "On The Air"?!!?!! I wasn't even going to check again for ages. I just assumed the people in charge--who came back several days ago to proclaim BookLikes was back, and then made us watch as the site disappeared--were a bunch of sarcastic gits who had great fun lying to us just before signing off permanently. apparently my deductions in this matter were in error. one has to wonder where this is going next.




meanwhile. I'm glad I didn't read this book when it first came out, because I've since watched a lot of old movies in the 25+ years I passed on The Night Mayor. Now, when this story features a virtual version of Lee Marvin brandishing a hot-coffee pot in the same room as Gloria Grahame, I know what scene of what movie is being referenced. etc. this book is very cool, so far--and I've got 4 short stories tucked in at the back end. this is all a bit like The Matrix 10 years before that movie happened--The Matrix meets The Big Sleep.