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The Two O'Clock Boy
Mark Hill
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Three Men In The Dark
Jerome K. Jerome, Robert Barr, Barry Pain, Hugh Lamb
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"This was such a good city for a girl who wanted to stay unseen. By daylight, it was hidden half the time. Secretive. At night, when the rain came in and the streetlights were an amber haze, and you were trudging along down an empty trolley line because it was three a.m. and you were drunk - when you stopped to catch your breath at the top of a hill and caught sight of the bay and its black water reflecting the city like a sheet of shattered glass - in those moments, the city was a dreamscape. A dream she moved through as freely as a fog."

The Poison Artist, by Jonathan Moore (copyright 2016; quote is from page 63 of the Mariner Books trade paperback, 2016).