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Steal Across the Sky - Nancy Kress

I'm overjoyed--and have breathed a huge sigh of relief. this is a winner, a great SF experience...so glad my three days off work have not been launched with some freakishly disappointing slog. this has been the opposite...with potential to be the best book I've pulled out of the Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels, 1985-2010, since Blindsight, by Peter Watts. it has been a troublesome List--and weirdly, most of my faves off that List were books I had happened to have read before the List was ever published, which means I must have a sixth sense about what "great" SF is for me, and what "great" SF is not so much to my taste. but THIS--this amazing Nancy Kress book--is a wonderful book to be steered to, by an iffy reference guide. I hope Part 2 is equally splendid, tomorrow (unless I sneak in some more later today!).