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Bloodline: A Novel - Warren Murphy

hypnotically good--but you need to like hard-hitting gangster fiction to get into this one. the characters are all so well-drawn; who knew Warren Murphy could deal in so many great female characters. Sophia is a treat to empathize with, but her whole situation is so awful that I just want to yank her right of the book so she doesn't  have to go through this nightmare! I spend my time eating this book up, and wondering about the fate of each and every main and supporting character. the secret bonus: it may not end up better than The Godfather, but it benefits so much from being so different in feel from that epic, even though the parallels are also there. this is so good, I think I'll bring it in ahead of schedule enough to maybe have time for one more SF pick for SF-heavy November-December 2016. if not, the year is going out with a bang!