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this is a representation of a poster that was included in Suicide Squad # 40, the start of the Phoenix Gambit storyline. at first, I was gonna ask Grimlock if she had access to this poster when reading a digital copy of issue # 43--but then I realized that it wasn't in issue # 43--it was in # 40--and I was a screw-up. then I was gonna ask if Grimlock if she got to see the poster when she read issue # 40...but then I realized that she had skipped # 40, and started The Phoenix Gambit with issue # 41, because I was a screw-up, earlier, again (earlier, again, if that's possible; apparently in my case it is). anyway, a poster, in celebration of Grim embracing one of my favorite series and characters from when I was about her age, and I would just love it when each new issue came out!