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More and more I realize that people investigating old comics they want to try, buy them on a per-issue basis for their electronic readers, as opposed to old-skool me, who waits for hard-copy graphic novels. So I thought that every now and then, I would come on here and highlight an old favorite, and where someone might want to start with a good story featuring a character I love. This is a good choice because Vigilante graphic novels aren't really an option. Vigilante #s 8-11 work as a nice 4-parter, though a villain named the Controller had been behind the scenes in the series, starting around issue # 4; but I wouldn't worry about that. Electrocutioner, and old Batman villain in limbo, was suddenly back, in a better costume, and after this appearance, made a run of fairly interesting appearances here 'n there in the DC universe after shaking up this series up until about #27. Again, my aim here is to zero right in on one storyline, fairly--or completely--self-contained, that may get you pumped over the character. I know this may lead nowhere, but when sales and discounts come up, at least say I tried to be helpful...and I'll try not to screw up the starting and ending issues.