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Air - Geoff Ryman

oh great, we have to end a lousy year with this website all screwed up...again. oh well--it'll clear, it'll be a mess again, it'll clear, it'll be a mess again. it got cleaned up for most of December, so people could see what to buy, I guess. money talks. whatever. anyway, that's not what I wanted to say. I'll say that I felt a bit doltish, at first, hoping for a great read to end my year and yet gambling on a book by an author whose only other book I read was not one I liked, much. that's not smart; asking for trouble. BUT! but, folks! Hey, now! Air is fabulous! I love this book. I don't think it will wind up being my favorite book of the year--although hold on and let's wait and see--but this is just a delight. totally different Ryman reaction for me. thank the stars. and the bonus is, I love the main character so much--Mae is a wonderful creation--that even if the plot somehow gets dull, which I don't think will happen, I think Mae alone is enough to keep me lit up over this one. catching a break, given that I didn't think it through.