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"e-mail from: Lieutenant Chung Lung
20 November
It pains me to write you like this, but I feel I must point out that the things you put on your machine are open to the world. Sezen Ozdemir recalls my grandfather's murder. There are people who misread the site as being full of backsliding minority nationalism.
I urge you to have a care and be less of a wild woman.

audio file from Mrs. Chung Mae
20 November
Son. It pains me to write to you like this, but I am not entirely cut off like a thread from the world and news does reach me. You married and did not invite me or even tell me. I would have understood that you could not have your mother there, and that only your father would be invited. If only you had explained, I am adult enough to understand. You chose not to tell me at all. I am open before the world, you are hidden even within the family. So is that the difference between good and wild behavior? So go fuck yourself. Is that wild woman enough for you?"

Air (Or, Have Not Have), by Geoff Ryman (copyright 2004; quote is from pages 232-233 of the St. Martin's Griffin trade paperback, 2004).