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White Crocodile - K. T. Medina

ugh, this website. really? forever, and ever, problems that other websites never have, or suffer for a few days and then banish after that...never stops, here? really? this is how it has to be? sigh. oie, oie oie, oieoie...OIE!! okay. oh yah, the book I'm starting--my first official start of a book in the New Year. not that I needed another Reading List, but I've got this suggestion guide, now, called Brit Noir. let's see, let's see--I never go for the obvious so let's get cute, and jump deep in, to the chapter all full of book suggestions by Brit scribes who have written a book set outside the United Kingdom. I'm off to Cambodia, courtesy of Brit Noir, and a sale on hardcovers. this one sounds cool.