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White Crocodile - K. T. Medina

imagine the setting of an attempted slaying is a Cambodian minefield--or maybe it was an accident. but there was an accident six months ago, that one deadly! let's say you sense a connection between "accidents", even if your fellow mine-clearers don't see it at all. goody for you, ahead of the curve 'n all! but if these tragedies occur because of explosions on sections of the minefield that were supposedly already cleared of mines...do you go out on the minefield when the sun is setting--secretly, against regulation--and look for clues, including the skull someone supposedly saw? and even if you manage not to get blown up...what if you find something that hints that you really are dealing with pure evil...


and what about the macabre crap going on, in Manchester, England?!


White Crocodile...the Mystery that works like a Thriller. if you have not guessed, I love it so far! and I love Tess--but is she brave, or nuts?!