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Mistress Masham's Repose (New York Review Children's Collection) - T.H. White, Fritz Eichenberg

after two mediocre reads, I was really intent on hopefully selecting something entertaining to read on my birthday. what to do, what to do? not sure. but I decided to put my faith in--of all things--a book marketed to 9 to 12 year olds. trust me when I say I am not turning 9, or 12, today--but heck, reading a book like this does make me feel young again, when it's good, that is. and I love this! after all, it's from the Once And Future King guy, and it's on Moorcock and Cawthorn's "Fantasy: 100 Best Books" list from the late 1980s...elusive for a while, but now easier to obtain. pretty sophisticated for a 9 year old, by the way. love the illustrations, and the premise, which extends Gulliver's Travels to a scenario where Lilliputians hiding out in a temple on an island in a lake that's part of a huge decaying manor inhabited by a lonely girl lorded over by a horrid governess and vicar, make friends with the girl and invite her to get to know their little eked-out miniature community. soon, it seems, she will have to protect them from the rest of the world. yah, it's for 9 year olds, innocence and evil type-stuff, yah...