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Cave of Stars - George Zebrowski

by a complete fluke, a few of the reads I've randomly selected since New Year's Day hit, have dealt with matters of spiritual faith--specifically, losing it, questioning it, even becoming quite bitter and disgusted by it after deciding it's a false hope. Where It Hurts, and now Cave Of Stars, plus even Mistress Masham's Repose, which did not directly deal with the issue, but the author decided to include a pretty vile, horrid vicar character, which seemed to reflect the author's thoughts on the two-facedness accessible to some wearing the cloth. Channel Zero, on the other hand, didn't deal with religion much, but did mirror the other books in characters' disillusionment with government and conformity that serves those in power by maintaining their status quo.


besides pointing out that Cave Of Stars has started out by exploring the idea of faith, and is it ultimately any use, I'll also say, hey, great SF novel, so far!