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Under Your Skin - Sabine Durrant

tough day, except for the joy of reading; a sink clogged up at work, all of a sudden, and smelly overflow coming up out of the drainpipe...and the bosses away on a cruise. so who has to deal with it? me--everybody else hiding from the problem, hoping the whole store gets flooded in sewage, whatever. so I'm muzzy-headed now, from breathing in chemicals used to battle a clog, and gone are any thoughts of reading, oh, let's say another 100 pages of what seems like it's gonna be a great book! so there's that; at least I don't work for the next 2 days. good. I did polish off an entire graphic novel today, so I'll give my woozy brain a rest for tonight, but I committed to doing about 20 pages of Under Your Skin because I wanted a taste, and I wanted to take my mind off the last 4 hours at work, and I don't like admitting to defeat, even defeat by unseen chemical fumes replacing rotten-egg sewage smell. anyway, I love this book already, and I'll tell you one reason why: I am reminded of one of my all time favorites, in terms of style: Ramsey Campbell! the little quirks in characters' heads, a strange nasty humor percolating through any horrors that unfold, the surreal nature of trying to maintain the routine of daily life when something nightmarish infects what was a normal existence. I trust that my new delightful discovery, Sabine Durrant, will have her own special way of doing things overall...but anyone who hits me with Ramsey Campbell vibrations is off to a splendid start.