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Under Your Skin - Sabine Durrant

oh look, I've stopped at just about the halfway point. I really like this, it's compulsive reading, and it was only as I walked away from the coffee shop after conquering all those pages that I realized the author must be very talented indeed to keep me so interested in a scenario where the main character--first-person narrator, in fact--has been mainly reactive, taking crap, relegated to being one of life's punching bags. she finds a body, the circumstances get stranger and stranger...and now her whole life has been turned upside-down. but, really, all I've seen so far is poor Gaby getting shock after shock, reeling from everything that's happening to her. me, I'm kinda mad at the body! anyway--the point being, I have to hope that Gaby--even though she's not a shamus or anything--can somehow master a bit of her own destiny. if that isn't really what's coming up in the back half, well, I have such faith in this author already, that I think it's gonna be pretty stunning regardless of whether Gaby can hit back. the details of the murder itself--the puzzle created--are fascinating no matter who steps up and gets it sorted out (if someone does!), and as I mentioned before, this is one of those books hooks me practically on style alone, since the author seems to deal in the same sort of approach as Ramsey Campbell; this book reminds me a bit of Ghosts Know, in that Ramsey Campbell ran a full-on murder mystery there, with some similarities in terms of what the main character had to go through. so, in my heart, I feel that this book might benefit from the lead character--now very victimized and completely confused--perhaps figuring something out, or following some kind of trail. there's definitely a mess to clean up.