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Kill Chain: The Rise of the High-Tech Assassins - Andrew Cockburn

nonfiction time, and I'm never far from a default preference for espionage-related books. I actually bumped into this one at the bookstore a while back, as I was looking for something else. I put it back and decided to pass. but I couldn't get it out of my mind, even as I was reading the graphic novel series DMZ. the next time I looked at Kill Chain--still not really excited about committing to it--a flip-through showed me it had artwork scattered throughout--and I don't mean dull artwork like what's on the cover; I even had a look at the title page and saw the notice "With Illustrations By Danijel Zezelj". well, there was a sign: Zezelj is a favorite comics artist of mine--and it was so weird that I just been enjoying some of his work guesting on DMZ! coincidence, or a  nudge by sneaky Fate?? who cares...more Zezelj artwork--no idea how it came about that he got tapped to provide artwork for a book about drones, of all things--and that's the clincher! now it's time to actually read the thing, and occasionally stop to admire the drawings. slick, Tigus-hooking move, publishers, or editors, or writer, whoever thought of it.