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Notorious (Max Revere Novels) - Allison Brennan

I remember when I bought this, I knew it was what I wanted so I was barreling with purpose towards the Romance section at the bookstore. which is not normally what I'm doing. anyway, there was a woman just sort of arriving at the Romance shelves ahead of me, and she looked more like she was settling in for a browse. and I think I caught her a bit by surprise--cuz I'm not a big guy, but there I was motoring right towards her, and it seemed to me like her brain told her that the whole thing made no sense. here was a guy--not the manliest-looking man on the planet--but here was me, fixated on the Romance section, which, probably in her, um, browsing history hadn't happened. it even looked like she was nervous for a moment; I couldn't possibly be heading to a book just beside her, therefore I had a sinister motive. this made me self-conscious, and I did not want to scare or bewilder her any more than was already occurring. I really got the hand on the book as quick as possible, and truly tried to look non-threatening, as I left fast. so now, months later and inspired by this Romance Bingo someone is running around these parts--which is infecting my Updates here in interesting ways--I'm tipping my hat to the Bingo in my own fashion: reading the one Romance selection I have, which seemed to almost get me kicked in the balls by a lovely woman--her head no doubt full of cads as they have shown up in countless bodice-rippers--who didn't quite know what to make of me. beyond all this...I must say I have high hopes for some kind of Thriller sprinkled throughout my hard-won Romance!