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The Killing Kind - Chris F. Holm

I need something like an Action Thriller already, even though Sandstorm was only a couple of books ago. that one was only average, and things are a bit mixed up right now, because I was going with the plan, this month, of "any type of Crime & Mystery novel, every other book (including Thrillers that look like they qualify, and Espionage)". the last book--Notorious--was supposed to be a Romance novel, but my break from Crime & Mystery turned out to be more of a whodunit than a love story, IMO. but I'll call it Romance, cuz I bought it in the Romance section, and people did kiss, so whatever. I feel like I just did Crime & Mystery...but I'll do an official one now, if that makes any sense. however, I don't feel like a pure-bred whodunit so much...cuz I just accidently had one. after this Chris Holm/assassin-heavy tale, I'm taking no chances and reading one of three Fantasy picks. that should get me away from any sameys; and by the way, despite all this complicatedness you didn't even know was happening, there is no significance that my last two Action Thriller/Crime&Mystery choices have orange covers. that just sort of happened.