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The Rogue - Trudi Canavan

just in general, I think this author needs to commit to making things more exciting. my nitpicks are practically the same for Book 2 as they were for Book 1: more shocks and surprises please, and a good action sequence should maybe come along more often; for books loaded with magicians, we need more magic beyond levitation, minor telekinesis, and some mind-reading effects that aren't presented with much verve; some scenes that would have provided excitement happen "off-screen", and we get the after-effects.


what's good here is: writing style; pretty much all the characters; lots of things threatening to burble to the surface in the various locales (this better come to a head!); and the author has provided gay and lesbian characters freely. BUT! if this trilogy unfolds without more thrills, I'll have only somewhat enjoyed all this, and will move on with my life. good...not great yet.