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Apple Tree Yard - Louise Doughty

lately I've topped up my selection of unread Crime & Mystery novels--including my beloved Spy choices--so much, that it's very tough now to decide which one to read! there are four books I definitely want to read now...at least. and I'm supposed to be alternating origin points for my Mysteries as I go through them--something like one USA or Canada, followed by one Scandinavian, followed by one British or Other--which means I should be cuing up anything but British Crime just now, since that's where I went last courtesy of the Hamand entry. but (a) rules are made to be broken, and when in doubt just read the book that won't wait; (b) the last two British Mysteries I've read have been somewhat atypical, and (c) the last thing I read was a Western as American as apple pie, so I think I'll leave North America at this point. as for jumping to a Scandinavian pick...well, I don't feel like Crow Girl or Headhunters just at this precise moment--one's a huge hardcover, and the Nesbo would be more tempting if it was a Harry Hole book. I confess that--other than Cracked, set in Miami or something--all my British options are screaming for attention. Blood Whispers is the runner-up--sorry, but hey, soon...--but Apple Tree Yard is the one I keep thinking about. so there--this is what happens when you have too many books! but then, you know this.