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Chimera - Mary Rosenblum

now that i've forced myself to read this...I'm really enjoying it. wait. let me explain that "forced myself" comment; it's nothing against this book in particular. I'm in a weird headspace lately; I feel like I just want to read Crime & Mystery stuff right now. I think it's just because I've been buying so many cool-looking Crime & Mystery choices, based on recommended-reading guides and lists, that it's this big hoard of whodunits, spy books, thrillers, and crime tales that accumulated while I didn't realize it. no regrets--and I could even rationalize whittling the big Crime pile down on the basis of a lopsided To-Read shelf--but I finally said "well, try two Crime novels of any type in a row, and then get off that, and read something else.". but it did take a bit of a push not to do a third Crimey-Wimey after Bank of the Black Sheep; Blood Reckoning, or The Traitor, or Eleven Days just screamin' for attention! nevertheless...here's Chimera, and at just past the 100-page mark, it's got me pulled right in, and all hail the Hypnotoad, no not the Hypnotoad, I don't know what came over me just then...all hail the power of a great SF novel. and there's even sort of a mystery, so win-win!