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The Traitor: A British Library Spy Classic (British Library Spy Classics) - Peter (editor) (Christopher Lee; Montague Summers; Basil Copper; Augustus Hare; John Polidori; Thomas Preskett Prest; Bram Stoker; M. R. James; August Derleth; E. F. Benson; Sydney Horler; Stephen Grendon; Manly Wade Wellman; P. Schuyler Miller) Haining

certainly stoked and gung-ho to try out this neglected Spy Thriller from way back in 1936. and the Introduction by Martin Edwards may qualify as one of the most interesting Introductions to a book that I've ever read. now the book has to work to top it!


note: okay, I dunno what the frawping fruck is going on with the Author listing for this book, but there is ONE author, named Sydney Horler--although there is also an Introduction for this edition, by Martin Edwards. when I tried to clean this up, it seemed to take my Author modification at first, but wants a "Correct ASIN"...which is odd, because the ASIN showing is correct already; even when I erase the ASIN, and key it back in, all I get is notice that the ASIN somehow is wrong or not there or whatever. then I give the hell up and of course the author listing--which is the part of all this that I want to correct--stays wrong, with some weird parade of names that make zilcho sense. looked simple, I tried, no workee. sorry, everyone--and, sorry, Sydney Horler.