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Ashenden, or, The British Agent
W. Somerset Maugham
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The Traitor: A British Library Spy Classic (British Library Spy Classics) - Peter (editor) (Christopher Lee; Montague Summers; Basil Copper; Augustus Hare; John Polidori; Thomas Preskett Prest; Bram Stoker; M. R. James; August Derleth; E. F. Benson; Sydney Horler; Stephen Grendon; Manly Wade Wellman; P. Schuyler Miller) Haining

apparently this is an example of the type of 1930s potboiler that Dorothy L. Sayers ridiculed, in terms of style and plot--but which many of the public then--and me now--embraced for sheer fun and excitement. of course the book it most reminds me of which I read fairly recently is The Great Impersonation, published even earlier. the spyjinx are on, and with great melodrama! dunh dunh, DDUUUUUUNNNHHH!!