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Gotham Central, Book Four: Corrigan - Stefano Gaudiano, Kano, Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka

even as I was buying the Gotham Central volumes I didn't own--that would be Volumes 3 & 4, up until a few weeks ago--I've always felt a special affinity for this one, simply because of that title: Corrigan. I wondered if the Corrigan in question was Jim Corrigan, my second favorite DC character after Deadshot. I thought "Corrigan? that has to be Jim Corrigan, cop--but how is his situation going to work in the gritty, somewhat realistic (relatively speaking!) arena of Gotham Central?? he's too...powerful. Jim Corrigan is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, and we're gonna fit him into a Police Procedural?!".


I read Volume 3 of Gotham Central not long ago, and that one actually brought in this...version?...of Jim Corrigan ahead of schedule; I didn't have to wait until Volume 4, where he's suddenly the title character (and actually, to be totally clear, Jim Corrigan made a very brief appearance in Volume 1). Gotham Central has, shockingly, given me a Jim Corrigan who--while working a Scene of the Crime for evidence--tampers with the scene for his own personal gain, monetarily, later on, by selling stolen evidence online.


okay, wtf, Corrigan?!


that's not the Jim Corrigan I know and love, though the red hair and face are the same. the Jim Corrigan I know is dead. he's a ghost-- a ghost of a dead cop who got tossed in a barrel by gangsters and thrown in the river. but he came back, looking--sometimes--like Jim Corrigan--but invested with, I dunno, the living embodiment of divine retribution. he knows people like the Phantom Stranger and Madame Xanadu, who keep quiet about his secrets. when Jim Corrigan transforms into that other thing inside of him, he can do anything he wants to any criminal, and the normal rules of the universe clearly have nothing to do with dispensing perfect justice to evil people--it's just...magic?


so now it's time for the Volume of this terrific series that has Jim Corrigan's name on the cover. one of his names. not his other name. and I'm wondering, as I head into the unknown just a bit scared already...is this a new origin story for The Spectre.