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""I betcha he's on a boat, halfway to Italy by now!"

"Why Italy?"

"Sordo! Sordo! Sordo is Italian."

"How do you know it's Italian?"

"Because anything ending in "o" is Italian, ya dummy!"

"What about Yamamoto?"


"What makes you think it's Italian? In Spanish, sordo means deaf!"

(pause, as Carella and Kling look at Gomez and digest this)


"What...I say something??"

"Two days...we been spendin' on a phony name..."

"Well I'll be, it's the goddam Deaf Man.""

Fuzz (movie version) 1972; starring Burt Reynolds and Tom Skerritt, with Yul Brynner as The Deaf Man. Based on the novel by Ed McBain.