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I'm Traveling Alone: A Novel - Samuel Bjork

I decided I wanted to read a bit more tonight, though I'm quite tired due to lack of proper sleep last night. anyway, I pushed on and decided to read, if I could keep concentration, until page 190...the end of the chapter that would put me at less than 200 pages to go (just get past page 188, and stop). well, the best laid plans and all that--I could not leave the characters trapped in the horrible situation they found themselves in, on page 190! too cruel. the next short chapter switched to other characters so I took a look if one more chapter would bounce back to those in hell on page 190, and that was blessedly the case. um. okay, I'm stopping at page 202; things are even more horrible for certain folks than they were at 190, but I'm stopping before things get even worse! that's what I get for trying to make things better. could be many pages before I get to relax over this. tomorrow.