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The Shotgun Arcana (Golgotha, No. 2) - R.S. Belcher

still very exciting to read, and if anything, it has gotten better as the story has unfolded. there are a lot of characters; I'm kind of lenient about having to work a bit to keep track of everybody, because if you create such a strange town, and the threats in the novel have a tendency to affect the whole town, you can't really zoom in one three people. the action moves among various districts, even goes out of town, and it's not surprising that the town--so cool and unpredictable in this Steampunk/Horror/Western romp--needs to feel full. the author compensates for a big crowd by making sure we know who the main characters are. so, there's a core group to cheer for, and I just have to keep track of the supporting crowd, spread out all over this weird locale. the author should perhaps consider not throwing in so many kitchen sinks--people, and plotlines--but, it's gelling. it works. I really like this. and I'm not confused outright, the way I have been in the past with big rosters and complex plots with many angles.