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The Bursar's Wife: George Kocharyan 1 - E.G. Rodford

so I'm turning myself into a bit of a fibber today; I saw someone's review of the next graphic novel I'm gonna read, here at BookLikes, and made a comment yesterday, including a declaration that I would be starting that graphic novel as of tonight. but...it's not gonna happen quite like that. when I found out that The Black Monday Murders had some supernatural elements, I decided that after reading the novel The Shotgun Arcana, I didn't want something that's potentially kind of similar. I just want a real-world Noir Mystery (of sorts). so, no biggie, really; I will commit to the weirder-than-originally-thought Hickman graphic novel right after this E. G. Rodford novel...which is off to a great start, anyway. pardon my fib, reviewer, but I when I have a reading preference poking at me, I give in.