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Game (Game, #1) - Anders de la Motte

oh my, this seems like it is absolutely my nasty cup of tea. normally I'd be into a Spy novel by now, but I looked this over and felt it would be a great alternative, with some of the same sorts of thrills. heck, its secrets may even be secrets that actually turn it into some bizarre Spy variant. I dunno; a feckless kid has found a phone that has dared him to play a game, and the first "stunt" he has performed as an initiation into the game--supposedly he has a choice at this point to back away after the try-out--has fed into his natural lust for shit-disturbing...with maybe a cash reward later. so, he's hooked. I glanced at some reader reactions to this book, and it seems some people didn't take to it due to the "unlikable" main character. my feeling on this is, the personality type seems to be the only one that really fits the premise, as opposed to someone like me who would ignore the phone while thinking "nothing good can come of this"; he seems almost guaranteed to keep me entertained, as a reckless fool who will do anything this mystery-phone (and the "Game Master") dares him to do. until someone loses an eye. well, you know what I mean; and when this turns awful, will his natural wiliness serve to get him out of the mess he is obviously going to get himself into. I hate cellphones, so I'm just going to sit back and enjoy how extra horrible this one is, if that's conceivable.