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Three Men In The Dark
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The Intrusions (Carrigan & Miller)
Stav Sherez
"It looked like a mask and Mattie averted her eyes--she did not like looking at her faces like that, as they hovered, blind and disembodied. She closed her eyes and extended her neck toward Loharri in a habitual gesture. His strong, practiced fingers brushed the hair from her forehead, lingering just a second too long, and felt around her jaw line, looking for the tiny cogs and pistons that attached her face to the rest of her head. She felt her face pop off, and the brief moment when she felt exposed, naked, seemed to last an eternity. She whirred her relief when she felt the touch of the new concave surface as it enveloped her, hid her from the world."

The Alchemy Of Stone, by Ekaterina Sedia (copyright 2008; quote is from page 11 of the Prime Books trade paperback edition).