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The Traitor Queen  - Trudi Canavan

hunh. a lot of typos in this book, especially in the last big stretch I read. plus, some sloppy writing; there was a sentence that made reference to a pile of of something-or-other--I forget what--being tucked in a corner and left in a pile. this also happened with a sentence that went something like " he had already traveled there and left the message already" (I'm paraphrasing, but not when it comes to the part where the words "pile", and "already" got used twice, where once was would be what you normally see). that's weird; you don't see that often, in a professionally edited book. it's hard to ignore this stuff and concentrate on the story. add in typos, and I get distracted waiting for the next mistake. oh well. the book is otherwise entertaining, but I definitely need more action and suspense in my life. well, my reading, anyway.