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New Teen Titans Vol. 3 - Marv Wolfman, George PĂ©rez

Marv Wolfman's most impressive efforts always seemed to be those multi-issue, epic story-lines with big searing finales. and here, we have mainly small morsels--one-issue quickies that entertain, but don't have the emotional zing of his ambitious, longer extravaganzas. nevertheless, his Disruptor, Doctor Light, and, uh, "possessed teen" stories, rolling by fast, were strong. part of the reason is that Wolfman is always paving the way with subplots and dropped hints that set up the next big story arc coming soon. eg.: Starfire longs for her home planet, and wants to know if it even still exists (I can understand where her head's at...); plus, the insidious H.I.V.E. won't go away. and although Wolfman is not the best dialogue writer in the history of comics, his focus is always on trying to capture how real people talk--teens, here, mostly, which would be a challenge--and it is never about intruding as a comic book writer, to have characters give speeches to other characters that pass along the lesson or moral of the story (hello, Claremont---where anyone can suddenly sit on a hill and and sum up the inner thoughts of anyone else, and deliver the perfect, sage-like advice). now, even being more aware of Wolfman's small warts as a writer has not ruined the fun, because it brings me back to my childhood; reading this author--high points and low points--is nostalgic. and this series is mostly high points.


meanwhile...the art is stunning. just in case you think I haven't noticed.