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Elektra by Peter Milligan, Larry Hama & Mike Deodato Jr.: The Complete Collection - Larry Hama, Peter Milligan, Mike Deodato Jr.

I was browsing the vast graphic novel section at the big bookstore, looking to do a whim purchase if anything really leapt out at me. I spotted the spine of a thick Elektra book, which would not normally be a top priority for me--although I like Elektra--and was thinking, as I read all the words on the spine, of heading down to the Wolverine area. but then I saw a writing credit for Peter Milligan; that was totally off my radar. I was very DC-centric by the time this series was happening over at Marvel...by the looks of things, during their troubled era that culminated in a "Chapter Eleven" bankruptcy declaration that protected the company from being broken up into smaller pieces (imagine Spider-Man not being able to team up with The Avengers--oh wait, the movies taught us what that would be like...until now!) I also wasn't a Peter Milligan fanatic then, like I am these days. soooo, as the comics companies seem to make sure that more and more old and neglected material gets re-packaged into graphic novels, it means stuff like this suddenly makes my day, while browsing at the bookstore. I have no idea if this is any good--again, Marvel was on shaky ground, financially and creatively, way back when (late 1990s), and the product was a bit suspect. BUT! Milligan on Elektra. Milligan wrote Elektra? Milligan wrote Elektra!! 


a further whim: I ran Milligan's name on one of the bookstore's public-use computers and, unlike the last few times, didn't just see a few things I already own. this Elektra collection was shown...and a Valiant graphic novel, called Britannia. looks terrific, but before that, it's been a while since I've dipped into Marvel. good to be back (though DC became my comics home-base a long time ago). and, not just Marvel. Milligan! Milligan, writing Elektra! (PS. cover love to the nth degree; that is some gorgeous picture.)