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All Things Cease to Appear - Elizabeth Brundage

I'm this book's new lover, and though it is no clone of any other book I've read, it does remind me of a few other deeply satisfying reads: I already mentioned Thomas Tryon; a bit of Siddon's The House Next Door; some Ramsey Campbell; a whiff of Greg Iles' Blood Memory; the two Donna Tartts I've read so far, especially my favorite one, The Little Friend. it even kind of reminds me of Pretty Is, but that started strong and by the end, I wasn't as thrilled as I hoped I would be. this, on the other hand, feels like it can't go wrong; I hope not. and I love this new trend that crops up every now and then--but not so much that it's a tired gimmick--of ghosts being present in Crime & Mystery novels...and not just in funny ones, or books with dusty old English castles. I love Kallentoft's Malin Fors series in part because of the restless spirits--and then that was other wonderful book, The Life I Left Behind. I hope it doesn't get overused, but ghosts in Murder Mysteries have turned out to be a delicious spice, every now and then. even beyond that, this book is perfect for me, in many ways.