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All Things Cease to Appear - Elizabeth Brundage

the unfairness of it all--it's a superb book, but I am just too darn tired to finish it tonight. I was up late last night, and had to get up early this morning. on any other day, I could do the 200+ pages that I would have had to read through the course of today, in order to finish this. oh well--considering how tired I've felt since about 3 o'clock on, my total-pages-read for the day is impressive. and...I go to sleep soon, knowing I get a morning full of great-book finale! I can't see how this one can go wrong at the end; I have lived through these characters, I love the beautiful style, again...on a different day, I would be able to push through, no problem, but I want to read the ending with the ability to focus properly and savor every page. I don't want to cheat the book or myself, by turning it into a battle to continue after every chapter. so! tomorrow! and I'm even getting excited over my next choice...an SF novel that absolutely demands to be read next. you'll see...