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The Thing Itself - Adam Roberts

hoo-kay, a couple of notes, as I cue this book up: (a) I guess it's my fault the cover image is so small; I think I added the picture, and yet, look at the mess I made. too small. I feel lousy about it (EDIT/UPDATE: okay, it doesn't come up as that teeny when I Comment) (b) it's just coincidence that I'm reading two books in a row that have the word "Thing" in the title. I think. unless there's forces at work... (c) I had meant to make Salt the first Adam Roberts novel I ever read, but as you can see, it's not going down like that; as for The Thing Itself--not far into it yet, but it feels a bit like those Felix Palma novels I read, and it references the John Carpenter movie The Thing--both on the back cover and in some of the text of the first 47 pages, and it starts in the Antarctic, but it doesn't feel like that movie so far. actually, it feels more like Blindsight by Peter Watts, which is fine, because that's my second-favorite Science Fiction novel. still, I have a feeling this is going to cut its own unique path--definitely weird, probably going to get very weird...