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Elektra by Peter Milligan, Larry Hama & Mike Deodato Jr.: The Complete Collection - Larry Hama, Peter Milligan, Mike Deodato Jr.

this is exactly what I wanted right now from a graphic novel--nothing too deep or cerebral, nothing that redefined the form, but I knew that Milligan would still manage to get away with some weird, atypical shit when it comes to following the superhero formula...or not. he has not topped my Milligan favorite--the Human Target stuff--when it comes to his superhero stints, but Human Target was part of the Vertigo line, and so there would be more freedom there to break rules and upset the established order, without worrying about shaking the foundations of an entire super-people universe. Milligan's Batman stories, as collected in Dark Knight, Dark City, also probably outrank this Elektra material--again, breaking a few rules in terms of strange, often supernatural foes for Batman, plus an atypical Riddler story that works REALLY well! Infinity Inc. shows that Milligan maybe should have done more teen/team-based books; too bad the characters didn't have better powers, but again, great team chemistry.


then it's mainly non-superhero Milligan weirdness, so I'll leave that alone, and just say that maybe this isn't where Frank Miller would ever take Elektra, but it's not so far away. she kills when necessary, she works through missing Daredevil--I liked his three-part guest-appearance here--and she fights like the samurai she is. the art will likely mean this book gets a full extra star in my final Rating--damn she look good!--and Milligan even sneaks in his preoccupation with gender roles and gender rules broken, by turning a man into a woman, and giving this new lady a boyfriend, and marriage(!) at breakneck speed. I guess she likes her new self--or it's just a sign that Milligan rushed things a tad as he exited this series; yes, all I have left is the section written by Larry Hama. I don't know his trademarks the way I know Milligan's but it looks like Wolverine's back, Shang-Chi too, Kingpin, and a friend gone villainous. so, goodbye Milligan...but I'm excited for the home stretch. more Elektra!