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The Suicide Club - Andrew Williams

it's pretty cool so far! I like Innes, especially his scruples, his careful reads of people around him; that should help him, since he's been assigned to not only join 'The Suicide Club', but also, spy on it. this special new branch of Military Intelligence may have secrets, secrets resulting in unreliable intel. this is an interesting premise...a spy recalled from his success as an agent in an Occupied country, and reluctantly tasked to infiltrate a network of his own people. hmmm. I like it. and, no idea where this is headed. first, my big love for Suicide Squad (gonna do the Rebirth graphic novel very soon...I miss Deadshot too much, it's been too long), and now I'm hangin' with the Suicide Club. wonder who can't be trusted (that's a familiar thought, with these teams...).