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I Am No One: A Novel - Patrick Flanery

entertaining, and unsettling, so far--which seems to be what it's designed for. Jeremy O'Keefe is back in New York after spending an extended portion of his life across the pond, at Oxford. it's clear he's left something messy behind in Britain, but it's difficult to tell this early if the creepy stuff starting to infect his renewed New York existence is something dragged along from elsewhere. it's clear he's either having a mental breakdown, with memory lapses and vague paraboia as the first symptoms...or someone's screwing with him, via technology and surveillance. I'm guessing the latter, but who knows where this is going. anyway, I'm hooked, so that's a good sign after a twitchy first 40 pages. funny that the main character is possibly getting caught up in his own personal "conspiracy thriller", and yet is a film historian--among other things--with deep thoughts about both The Conversation, and The Lives Of Others--two great films, but not films that you want to eventually have reminding you of your own life! cool--and maybe a strange hint, early on--to see those films mentioned.