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Kojiki - Keith Yatsuhashi

the "it's confusing" knock against this book that I read amongst the reviews is a tad truthful. things are happening fast, complex mythology shoveled at the reader as the action starts right away. but I feel like it's clearing up the complexity little by little as it goes along. if it starts to get more scattered and confusing all of a sudden, there could be problems.


Special Note: I also noticed, in a different "review", someone alleging that the author set up a sock-puppet account to help promote the book in some group, nominating it to be read, or some such tactic. if I had seen this before buying the book ages ago, I might very well have passed on this book. but I own it, so I'm choosing to read it. I actually kind of like it so far, so maybe authors should cut the shenanigans and let their books do the work for them. sneaky crap is here to stay, and it's not the end of the world, so my rule for now is to not buy books if I feel like I want to take that kind of a stand, but if I bought the thing in ignorance, then I guess it'll get read by me, and I'll make any further boycott decisions on future books by authors with this kind of thing alleged against them. forewarned is forearmed.


again--I'm enjoying this book thus far, so I'm just gonna focus on that and let the other stuff lie...until my next discriminating trip to the book store.