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Lose This Skin - Jerry Sykes

for me to say that a Crime novel has a wonderfully unique feel to it is a pretty big deal, considering the number of these things I've read over many years, but I'm saying it now. I love the author's style, a haunting setting of the scene, setting up events to be expanded upon, and simply how he turns a cool, elegant phrase. next--well, Camden Town; the place is under my skin, came up through my fingers, I guess, from just those few pages. finally, there are three distinct crime/murder plot-lines introduced--it's a busy book with multiple detectives sharing the spotlight (well, mainly Frank Roscoe, and a new fave of mine, Marnie Stone...she's a badass)--but I've got everything sorted and organized in my head so far, and I think the author can keep the various investigations clear, and thrilling. Camden Town has got me.