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New Teen Titans Vol. 5 - Marv Wolfman, George PĂ©rez

what a battle. no, I don't mean any of the fights inside this graphic novel...I mean the battle that erupted when I tried to decide whether to put Marv Wolfman on hold for one more book, and read Fredric Brown instead. all I can say is--Volume 5 of this Teen Titans run features the inclusion of Terra into the order of things (of course, she has her own secret agenda; actually, it's more like a secret someone else's secret agenda!), and, to top that, here's where Adrian Chase finally loses everything he ever cared about, and becomes the Vigilante. Vigilante was actually my first extended foray into the DC Universe, so this is a cool return to all of that. I'm reading comics I read many years ago, but also pieces of Wolfman's grand story arc that I only vaguely knew must have happened to get things to where I joined the party. maybe only this volume of amazing comics could hold the mighty Fredric Brown at bay...for a day or two at best...