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Demon 4 - David Mace

World War 3 has happened...giving way to a war of the machines. well--sort of; things aren't quite as bleak as in, say, The Terminator, but a doomsday AI down near Antarctica, Kark-1, is active and primed for total apocalypse as humans are seen to be more and more of a threat. and the humans? they've got a last ditch weapon--Demon-4, a sentient robotic sub, part of its "brain" being the consciousness of a fallen soldier. but getting Demon-4 close to Krak-1 will likely cost more humans...to say nothing of Demon-4 getting self-aware enough to make its own choices.


anyway, fun thus far, and short enough that this author--who I found dragged things out a bit in longer novels--should keep things moving fast.