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Demon 4 - David Mace

cold, merciless post-Apocalyptic SF. David Mace writes in probably the most off-putting style I could actually love. Fire Lance will likely still stand as the best thing I've read by him--the descriptions of human survival after a nuclear winter are unforgettable, as was watching what happens when a battleship designed, on paper, to withstand a direct hit by a nuclear missile, actually gets hit by a nuclear missile; stunning, stunning descriptions of what life is like when the missiles are aimed at you--but this, likely my last, David Mace reading experience is as abrasively cold and unpleasantly hypnotic as all those years ago. weird, not for everyone, maybe not even for very many, but strip away anything but the here and now of awful futures, and it's a unique feel I had almost forgotten. I'm still waiting to meet the machine/human-mind of Demon...should be strange.