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The Priest: A Novel - Gerard O'Donovan

I thought I would at least dip into this a wee bit this afternoon, to get a feel for it. my page-count per day has been impressive most days this week, so even if the next leap forward with this waits until tomorrow, I won't feel like a tardy bookworm; anyway, it's riveting and intense already...so maybe more before sleep. I love the unexpected bonus: Spain, Spanish authors, and the Spanish Civil War are an intermittent preoccupation with me lately, and even though I passed on two Spanish authors to do this Dublin-based Crime novel, it's--surprise, surprise!--got a strong Spanish angle! so I get a bit of Spain with my Ireland. admittedly, the vicious attack on the beautiful, visiting Spanish girl, in the opening pages, is a downer, but as with all serial killer Thrillers, it's not long before I'm saying "get this sick bastard!". this time: "get this sick bastard...for Spain, Mulcahy!".